What Tax Services Do We Offer?

Annual/Quarterly Return
In Florida, there are currently no laws or standards for tax practitioners. ANYONE can "set up shop" as a tax preparer. Is just "ANYONE" qualified to do your return? Not hardly!

Before choosing a preparer be sure, absolutely sure, that they can represent you before the IRS. At Accounting Connections, LLC we use ONLY Enrolled Agents, licensed by the United States Treasury Department to represent clients before the Internal Revenue Service and to prepare your return.

We can complete your annual or quarterly tax return in a timely basis and file it electronically.

Complete IRS Representation
With over 20 years of tax preparation experience, we have several tax services for both individuals and businesses, including:

How Do I Choose A Tax Preparer?

Thinking about hiring a tax preparer to file your returns?

Tax laws can be complicated and can change from year to year, so it’s important to find a preparer who has the knowledge and experience to prepare your returns correctly. Florida does not require tax preparers to be licensed; however, many preparers are licensed, certified, and belong to professional organizations that require a certain level of education.

Services vary considerably from preparer to preparer, so you’ll also want to find a preparer who offers the services you need.

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How Do I Choose A Tax Preparer?

Accounting Connections, LLC tax preparers maintain an Enrolled Agent status.

Enrolled Agents (EAs) are professional tax practitioners who have technical expertise in the field of taxation and are licensed to represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service at all administrative levels. In addition, EAs are the only tax practioners required by federal law to maintain their expertise through continuing professional education. When you need up-to-date tax assistance, see an Enrolled Agent.

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